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ROUTE 66 : 2025

A lifelong dream. Finally! It’s happening. 

From Chicago to Santa Monica. One iconic route meets an equally iconic car. It promises an epic journey, a journey of a lifetime. If I have to do one thing and one thing only with this SLR, it has to be Route 66. 

America has a massive influence on my life. I’ve been americanised as early as 10. I love America and all things American. Even my daily is the ultimate car associated with American culture - Ford Mustang GT. Never-ending horizons and ever-changing landscapes - what more can you wish for as a backdrop to your road trip. Nothing is as iconic as the Mother Road. So, it’s a must. We’re looking at 4000km full of adventure.

Since this is a trip that requires a solid planning, it’s best that we allow ourselves the time to make sure everything clicks together. 

2025 makes most sense, but we have something special planned for 2024:

MONACO 2024! Yes, Monaco again, because we loved it and we can’t wait to be back. Of course Zagreb is on the agenda, we fell in love with the capital of Croatia. TBA shortly! 


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