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5 SLRs and a supercar rally

Yes, Manny, we’re coming for you.

After my last post about the 3 SLRs, I felt like I won’t be able to top it anytime soon (hence the creative break I took). A few days ago I received the news that the SLRs in Bulgaria are multiplying. I can’t tell whether I’m responsible for it, but I’m proud of the fact that for the past 2 years I’ve made the SLR present in events and it also had its pop culture moment in a music video.

Taking it to events - being there, being seen by people - has led to a momentum of recognition and popularity. Also - being there and being seen - inspired other SLR owners to take them out of the garage, which is a win for me. Nothing pains me more than the supercar owners, or shall I say collectors, who store them in a garage and wait to cash in from the appreciation.

I can’t say the same thing about the owners of the latest SLR in Bulgaria. They drive their supercars all the time. So, the plan is by the end of this year to have 5 SLRs in one photo. The only obstacle is of an organisational nature. 5 SLRs mean 5 drivers, so, we gonna need people with somewhat above average driving skills. We’re going to make it happen and I’m happy that this is turning more into a community, rather than just people with fancy cars showing off.

Now my goal is to have all of the SLRs in Bulgaria in one photo. Like Pokemon - I gotta collect (or photograph) them all!

We decided to go with Paris Hilton’s SLR to Premium Rally - one of the biggest supercar rallies in Europe. Last year we went with the Murci, so it’s time for Paris (that’s how I named the SLR for obvious reasons) to demonstrate her capabilities. This year the rally takes us to another Formula 1 track - Hungaroring. This will be the last big event for the SLR before Monaco, so it does make me a bit nervous, but unlike Ed’s experience with the SLR during Goldrush Rally, this time there’s nothing wrong with it, so I know we’ll be just fine. It’s just that Monaco is this year’s cherry on top and I want everything to be perfect.

The rally starts from Marina Dinevi in Sveti Vlas on 22.06. We’ll make a stop in Sofia, where the rally will take part in Sofia Moto Fest. The next stop is in Belgrade, where we’ll take the main square for everyone to enjoy the cars. After Belgrade, the rally heads to Budapest and ends with a Hungaroring track day. Like last year, I’ll document everything, so you can expect a few posts about it.




The home of the SLR McLaren



Paris Hilton's SLR

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