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The reason why I'm doing this

This past weekend was emotional and I can’t hide it. Everything makes sense now and every second spent here was absolutely worth it.

We took Paris Hilton’s SLR to a mountain drive with other 40 super sports cars and supercars. The event itself was called “Discover Bulgaria” and included spirited driving to some of the most iconic Bulgarian mountain resorts - Velingrad and Bansko. I’ve been to Bansko only once before, but this was my first time in Velingrad, so I was in fact discovering my home country.

The event started on 28th from Sofia, where we had a quick lunch, which we used as an opportunity to get to know each other. The more time I spend around people with “expensive” (tried to find a better word, but this one does the job) cars, the more I realise how passionate they are about them. A normal person would think we’re bragging, but in reality we’re truly enjoying these cars. Obviously you have to be an enthusiast to come to such event, but I’ve never met an uncool person with an “expensive” car. There were a lot of young boys filming content for their social medias and it always makes me smile. I’ve been there, so I know the excitement of seeing these cars in person and the possibility of them being in our place one day. I even finished my lunch quicker just to go out and open the SLR for them to enjoy it and take their photos. I want to be approachable and I feel obligated to be there and answer all of their questions about the car. If you know me in real life, you know I’m a bit of an introvert and I genuinely ask myself “What would theSLRgirl do?” and this helps me in such moments full of overwhelming attention. There were also photographers and some of them were waiting for me to open the SLR and to ask for my approval to post about it. It always amazes me how polite people can be when they want to be.

As we began our trip to Velingrad, we were in a convoy of almost 40 sports cars and supercars. If you have never driven in one, I can tell you it absolutely made the trip special. The drive was spirited, but we drove in a safe manner. It took less than an hour and a half to get there. The SLR was absolutely fabulous and I keep rediscovering how fun this car is. We arrived at Kashmir Wellness & SPA Hotel, which is the latest 5* hotel in Velingrad, it literally opened a few weeks ago. I tend to not recommend hotels usually, but I’ve stayed in some of the best hotels in the world, and Kashmir is right there. I’m thrilled Bulgaria is offering such excellent hotel experiences.

After a quick refreshment in the room, I immediately went outside to take a proper look at all the amazing cars.

To my surprise, there was another SLR!

My first reaction was :“Ok, I’m just seeing SLRs everywhere now. What are the chances?!”.

It turned out that the owner of this SLR heard that we’re going with Paris Hilton’s SLR and decided to join us. I was like a kid in an ice cream shop. After taking a ton of photos, we headed for the dinner-party. The rest of the evening was memorable.

The next morning, thanks to my Rottweiler I’m usually awake at 7am and ready to roll, I decided to use the opportunity to take even more photos. As I approached the hotel parking, I was surprised once again. You guessed it : another SLR!!!

At this point I was in a state of delirium. I kept asking myself if this is actually happening or am I dreaming. So, there were 3 SLRs within 10 meters of each other in a hotel parking. Imagine you’re checking-in and you get to see 3 of these in one place, so randomly. As I was taking photos, some people discussed whether the black SLR is Paris Hilton’s SLR and I was like “The one you’re talking about is over there (pointing towards it)”, it was amusing seeing their reactions.

We quickly formed an SLR owners group and we went to lunch together. After the lunch, we started the mountain drive. They give you GPS coordinates and you have to take the distance under a specific time. But before we reached point A, we drove through villages. It was picturesque: cows, horses, vineyards and a convoy of 3 SLRs. Everyone was out to cheer us.

The mountain drive was serious and the SLR proved me it can absolutely handle rally-style driving. ESP off and we were drifting the most famous McLaren on a tight mountain road.

After we all reached point B, we stopped to enjoy the scenery and by that I mean the 3 SLRs. And that exact moment, with the 3 SLRs lined up, I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It was special and surreal.

I started theSLRgirl for the main reason to continue the story of Paris Hilton’s SLR. I ended up discovering my home country and creating memories with amazing people, who share the same passion for the same car.

I know we can casually take it to 4 SLRs next time! There are currently 9 SLRs in Bulgaria, I can write a bit more about the other 6. As long as I’m aware one of them is impounded, but it is currently stored in a hotel underground garage. So, as long as you legally own your SLR, feel free to join us!




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