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SUMMER 2023: Monaco, a UK road-trip and a supercars rally

The supercar season is now open, even though my Mustang GT is still with the winters on. I’ll fix that rather sooner than later (There is a post coming about what I plan on doing to it in 2023). So, here’s what’s on the agenda for this summer.

We’re taking Paris Hilton’s SLR to Monaco!

It’ll be a road-trip to Monaco with the SLR more like it, where we’ll stay for a couple of days to create content with the SLR. This will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in seeing the world’s most famous McLaren in person. I’m also open for collabs, so feel free to contact me.

I’ll share more details once we pick the dates and the overall schedule. I’m hyped about this one!

*This can be a great exposure opportunity for Your brand. If words like contemporary sartorial elegance, opulence, prestige and legacy brands are a direct reference to Your brand, feel free to contact me!

We’re planning another road-trip to celebrate my birthday, this time to the UK.

It’ll be with a 720S. The plan is to drive to the UK and then do road-trips within the UK, one of which will be to Jeremy Clarkson’s farm. A visit to McLaren Technology Centre is also a must for this trip. A few days in London to visit my friends and we’ll be heading back. You can expect A LOT of photos and videos from this one as well!

The other event we might participate in is the Premium Rally. We’re still not 100% sure about this one, but I’ll let you know about our decision. This year, the rally will take us to Hungaroring and we’re not really fans of the track. This is the reason for the participation uncertainty. They have other events we find more intriguing.

The merch is also coming.

It’ll be a joint store with @murci_daily, where you’ll be able to pick a favourite - the Murci or the SLR. The designs and the printing process will be in-house, meaning there will be no negative environmental impact.




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