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Pre-winter update

As I switch from my Zadig & Voltaire blazers to a brand new Patagonia winter jacket and Sorel boots, this can mean only one thing: the winter is here and the supercars are officially grounded. Somehow I survived the last winter with my biker jackets (I have 7, all in different colors) and hoodies underneath. Maybe because I was in Mexico for a month and missed the harsh winter conditions. Mind that where I live the temperatures drop to -25 / -30 Celsius during the peak of the winter. So, indeed, I needed high-quality winter wear and mostly because I have the responsibility to take my Rottweiler out every day for some 1-2 hours of exercise.

Paris Hilton's SLR in front of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

What does this mean for theSLRgirl? You can expect more daily drivers content - on one hand we have the iconic American sports / muscle car - Mustang GT. I’ll share insights on what’s like driving it in the winter. As we know most of the Mustangs in Europe get the supercar treatment and are locked in garages during this period of the year. Which I honestly don’t understand. My Mustang is ready for the winter with winter tires. The second option is the S63 AMG - one of the best cars ever built, objectively. If you have to buy one car and one car only - this is THE ONE. The in-depth future appraisals will be well deserved.

With both being on the opposite ends of the “GT sports coupe” definition, this will make for an interesting winter content.

There is a scheduled trip to the UAE in January, which will include renting out some cool cars. We’re expecting to get our hands on Lambos, Ferraris and many more. If you’ve ever been to Dubai, you know they have very strict road rules. It’s not the best place to test the capabilities of the cars, but it’s good enough to get a sense of what they're about. The fact that you must leave your car at the valet in hotels and shopping malls always gets me on my nerves. I understand it’s their job, but I also have been a witness to some serious mishandling. The good thing about UAE is that the exotic cars are offered by exotic car rental companies that have nothing to do with the companies at the airports. It’s not like you go to Hertz and you ask for that Camaro and they’re like “We don’t have that one, but we have this Jetta”. If you want an Aventador, you’ll get an Aventador, minus 1000-2000$ per day. If you’re interested, I’ll share where we stayed, some cool restaurants and places, because this won’t be our first time in Dubai. Furthermore, I’ll be sharing some cool mechanical features on the SLR, because this car is more than its looks.

I’m looking forward to 2023 as I recently got excited about starting a new hobby - dirt biking. I’ve been a mountain bike girl since I can remember. I do need some adrenaline in my life in order to feel myself. Once the spring arrives I’ll update you on this one. I’ll write another post on what to expect in 2023, so I won’t spoil any further information.

I won’t be acknowledging any of the Hoovie’s SLR videos any more, because I think this is the best you can do to them. They’re dishonest and only crave attention. Unfortunately my prediction was right and he’s just like any other “do it for the views” YouTuber.

P.S.: Cool photoshoot is coming!




The home of the SLR McLaren



Paris Hilton's SLR

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