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Paris Hilton's SLR went to its first meet-up outside the US!

I hope you had a great summer, because fall is here. And so is Paris Hilton’s SLR, completely fixed.

Last weekend, it went to its first car meet-up outside the US!

It officially has Bulgarian plates and is now part of the Bulgarian fleet of supercars. And just like that we did some 5000+ km on it since its arrival (Ed did only 800+ km on it). What a great car! Truly, nothing compares to the sensations the SLR delivers. In terms of the looks, I still prefer the silver one over the Paris Hilton’s spec, but Paris Hilton’s one is 1 of only 28! Add the pop culture legend status to that and you have one of the coolest cars probably in the world. Yes, I won’t stop hyping it up, feel free to call me “ the SLR hypegirl”. Objectively, you need to know what you’re looking at in order to appreciate the SLR - if you know, you know. I may be repetitive, but I’ve been a witness to plentiful interactions from people with this car.

My Mustang GT was also invited to the meet-up. We left without crashing and no pedestrian was hurt; you know "mustangs leaving car meet-ups" 😌

The spectators at the car meet-up gravitated towards the Aventadors and the newer Ferraris. It’s in the human nature to be more attracted to the packaging that looks most expensive. The looks of a car do not necessarily indicate the worth or the significance. I love an Aventador, but their production number reached 10 000 in 2020. It’s not a limited production car, nor is it a rare sight. Go downtown of any capital after 7pm on a Friday night and you’ll spot at least one of them. Yes, it still puts a smile on my face, but an SLR in the wild would make me lose it completely. I’ve spotted 2 SLR in the wild so far in my life, I don’t count the arranged meet-ups and shows. One in London and one in Sofia. There are maybe 8 SLRs in Bulgaria right now, which frequently circulate in car spotting accounts and pages. People here actually drive them, so you have pretty high chances of spotting one in Sofia. There’s definitely a revival of the interest in the 2000s cars in Bulgaria. One could spot more Murciélagos compared to few years ago. There was an LP640 Roadster, which was chilling in a dealership for 2 years. Few weeks ago it was sold and already on the road. All of this only makes me happy, the more - the merrier. On the day before the car meet-up, West went to her first dog show. - the national Rottweiler championship. The only occasion you can see 80 purebred Rottweilers with world-class pedigrees in one place. We competed in the Puppy class (6-9 months old). Unfortunately, West did hurt one of her legs during the ring run and therefore we lost our chances for the win, but just before that the judge gave us the highest scores possible. Unfortunate, but I’m very proud of the fact that I tried something different and out of my comfort zone. If you told me 5 years ago that I’ll own a Rottweiler and I’ll be running on the ring with her, I would think you’re crazy. I’m also proud of West and how well-behaved she is. I’m in my best physical shape for the past 10 years, training with a 30 kg Rottweiler does help. The people who won, do this for a living, hire professional dog handlers to show their dogs. I can’t compete with that and their decades-long experience and I don’t want to. Hats off to them, because I know how much work and dedication it requires to train a Rottweiler on that “breed standard/show dog” level.

There's a surprise coming in the next post 👀 + the reason why the SLR was at the shop in the first place.




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