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Paris Hilton's SLR is in a music video

Paris Hilton's SLR is starting the new year like the star it is. The cameras just love it.

It's now in the music video for the song "International" by Marina Tosic x 100 kila, which for only a few days managed to surpass 1 million views.

100 kila is one of the most popular Bulgarian rappers and creative figures.

Apparently he fell in love with the SLR during the supercar meet-up last year and immediately contacted us for availability for a future project. Which is now a reality thanks to Premium Rally.

The song is in Bulgarian and Serbian, but the cinematography is top level, so not speaking the languages won’t stop you from enjoying the overall chill and luxe vibe of the video. Besides taking the main stage, the SLR is in the sweet company of a Bentley, a Maybach and a Porsche.

To me, this is what a representation should look like. People enjoying the cars, not YouTubers telling you 10 reasons why not to buy a car and what might happen if you drive it. Yeah, we get it, being dramatic and lying to your audience, which will likely never own these cars to know whether you're right or wrong, is easier. It brings in the cash, cool. But to me, it means enjoying the cars, driving them, putting miles on them and not being scared that something might happen. Anything can happen.

The car community is so toxic, especially towards women. Yes, I'm talking about sexism and the only reason why I don't get hate is because I'm in an SLR. Believe me when I say this momentarily flips when I'm in a Mustang. I get it, there are stereotypes about female drivers, but in reality the only two things that will get you into trouble are overconfidence and lack of experience and skills. It's really not about the gender of the driver or the brand/model of the car. It's not a competition, there's place for everyone under the sun.

Watch the whole video here: (It's even on the cover)




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