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Paris Hilton's SLR in 360°

I know you’ve seen a lot of this car, the car has seen a lot as well. Trust me when I say you have never seen it like this. This is one of those moments that makes me feel the gratitude of being exactly where I am in my life in order to be able to write this in the first place. Honestly, the more time I spend around Paris Hilton’s SLR, the more surreal it gets that it’s actually in front of me. The fact that it flew all the way from Ed’s home in Atlanta and I started this blog because of it (initially). I’m even looking at it right now, while I’m typing this and I still can’t believe it. Part of pop culture and history is casually chilling right next to me. So, here’s another 360 tour of an SLR, not any SLR. The SLR. Enjoy!

You’re probably thinking about making a joke about the passenger seat. I’ll take it, we joke about it as well. Who won't joke about it?! Specially for those of you, here’s the infamous seat.

Nonetheless, I’m a big fan of two of the ladies from that famous evening in 2006. I just haven't seen much of Lindsay Lohan since “Mean Girls” to have an opinion about her. And that’s a shame, she was truly iconic. Growing up means also realising how badly these three young women were treated by the media. We can't go back in time and fix that, but we can learn from past mistakes. It only makes me happy that all three of them are doing just great now.

I promised to spill the tea about the reason why Paris Hilton’s SLR was at the shop. I’ll completely ignore the shop, to which Ed took the SLR in order to receive the famous SLR service bill and go straight to what went wrong this time and how it all connects. It was the alternator all along. The alternator was causing 3 out of the 3 major problems Ed talked about throughout his ownership of this SLR. He said to us that the shop never even considered the possibility that this might be the core issue, so they never investigated this option and just offered the replacement of whatever they thought was necessary. Which, if you really go into detail on that bill, is almost everything they could possibly replace.

The 3 problems caused by the alternator were:

All of that is sorted now and everything is functioning properly. It makes me question the credibility of the US car shops and those prices are just absurd.

Regarding the merch - it’s coming. I went through a lot of contemplation. Let’s face it, if I use a Shopify print-on-demand company to handle it, the quality control won't be there. I just don’t feel like associating with the pile of trash with “made in China” on the label. It’s not me and where I stand as a designer. I relentlessly try to make a difference in everything I do - this blog including. So, I’ll be printing the merch in-house. It’ll come straight from my hands. I’ve ordered vinyl cutters, heat press and the best materials I could possibly use. This will give me the creative freedom to switch designs as I please and will allow limited edition drops. I promise the wait will be worth it.

Special thanks to Classic Cars Club.




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