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I have good news for Manny and bad news for Ed

The average asking price for the SLR coupe in Europe is now 450.000 EUR (492.000 USD)

We’re talking about the average SLR, without any significant history or famous owners and with some miles on it.

That’s almost 50% increase in the price since 2020-2021! In 2021, the average asking price was around 250.000 EUR.

An SLR with under 100 miles on it, yes this unicorn exists, will cost you roughly 700.000 EUR.

(Source: Mercedes-Benz Media Group)

Another thing I find quite interesting is the fact that the roadster’s appreciation has slowed down compared to the coupe’s. I do agree that the SLR is better appreciated as a coupe. It simply looks better and this is a hypercar, so with the coupe you get the full potential and experience.

With that being said, it’s still super undervalued. Most of its exotic contemporaries are north of the 1 million and I know it’s a matter of time for the SLR to reach that 1 million benchmark. If we take the inflation into consideration, it’s still one of the most slept-on exotic cars. And there’s literally nothing like it in the automotive history.

Of course you have the 722 and MSO editions, which are already there and beyond.

Originally, McLaren MSO promised only 28 MSO SLRs. Manny and Daniel Ricciardo have MSO SLRs. But McLaren are still accepting SLRs within that 28 number, which the last time I checked costs as much as the SLR itself. Some of those MSO editions have a price tag of over 3 million EUR. I mean, it’s probably worth it, if you see the car only as an appreciating asset.

While the SLR is appreciating rapidly, the Murci’s asking price hasn't moved in the same manner. Now is the time, if you want one, considering you can get yourself a nice example of the LP640 for around 280.000 EUR. That’s a steal, it feels almost illegal for it to be so cheap (“cheap” in a sense of exotic car “cheap”). Honestly, my Revuelto honeymoon period is now over and if I were to buy a V12 Lambo, I would go for the Murci. But it’s worth mentioning that the Murci’s maintenance costs are astronomical compared to the SLR’s. Maybe I’ll do another post with @murci_daily about it and how the car influencers are actually either lying or not driving these cars in order to say the Murci is low maintenance. It turns out that it's cheaper to own and maintain a McLaren 720S, crash it and rebuild it then it is to just maintain an LP640.




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