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Hoovie, I know what happened to your SLR

First, congratulations on buying your first SLR. It’s a beautiful roadster with black interior. Not the most classic one, but still an SLR and with such limited production numbers does it even matter?! But I'm sick of YouTubers throwing around cars like they’re worth nothing. Might not be the case, let’s see, but what’s going on with all these car influencers acting like a messiah. Your followers follow you for the entertainment. Most likely a handful of them are actually financially well-off to keep up with you and your purchases. So, who are you influencing? Because the people having the cash for these cars can’t be influenced. What’s the purpose of your car channels, if you don’t even respect the cars? Some serious questions, but I felt like enough is enough. In the case of the SLR, it’s already super underestimated, unrepresented and undervalued. The last thing it needs is another YouTuber walking all over it just to make quick money. I’m sorry, but this is my space and I’ll say what I want. And we all know this will be the case.

Let’s get back to the problem of this SLR. Paris Hilton’s SLR almost caught fire. It was late July, the SLR was at a car enthusiast event and this was months before the alternator replacement. It needed a jumpstart. The person providing it somehow connected it to the carbon, which is a conductor. You can imagine what happened next. Luckily, just after seeing the spark, everything was disconnected. So, what allowed this to happen? First, everything is super tight in there. One millimetre lack of precision and your SLR is on fire. The second problem is: most people don’t invest in good jumpstart cables and when you own such an expensive car, I can’t believe some cheap out of such important accessories. I believe this happened to Hoovie’s SLR. I’m 99% sure this was the case. Whether it’s a mistake or lack of knowledge that the carbon is a conductor, or lack of concentration and precision - only the previous owner knows the real case. You got my attention, Hoovie. Please, don't be one of them and show proper respect for this magnificent car. If you're not capable of doing so, just sell it to someone who would. Enjoy it!




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