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Dinner date with the world's most famous McLaren

The Y2K nostalgia is the mega trend everywhere around the globe and we’re here living in the moment. Unarguably, this is the right way to embrace the 2000s. Paris Hilton will be the forever icon associated with this decade. I won't hide my admirations for Paris, she’s ultra cool, still. The OG influencer and a forever fashion icon, we all should thank her for enabling us to make money from online content. Her importance in pop culture is everlasting and I, as a fashion designer, continue to witness her influence in the fashion industry. She created many of the top influencers - including Kim K., who’ll always look like a servant next to Paris, even if Kim K. is wearing the latest and greatest from Balenciaga. No shade here, it’s just that Paris is something else. I also won’t hide how lucky I feel that my teen years have been influenced by Paris and the 2000s. It was vivid, fun, excessive and expressive, people didn't take themselves too seriously. The nostalgia makes sense, it was a cool decade. All of this makes me want to wear Juicy Couture, Von Dutch, Ed Hardy combined of course for maximum impact, and go on a date with an equally iconic car. Oh wait, I just did that. Pop culture references aside, sitting in the world’s most famous McLaren is totally unparalleled. A little known fact is that there’s only 28 SLRs in this exact spec, which makes it more special and rare, if its history wasn't enough. Another fact - it was gifted to Paris, she didn't buy it herself. It was used as a form of payment for a club promotion - very 2000s. And in 2021 it was purchased with crypto. Paris is a huge crypto early adopter and supporter, so this will make her proud. Just another way to contribute to the car's pop icon status. Although this was only the beginning … Exciting content is coming! P.S.: A reunion with Paris and the SLR was always on the agenda 👀




The home of the SLR McLaren



Paris Hilton's SLR

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