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Cool gifts for the car person in your life

I’m going to start with some great books that will simply withstand the trends and time:

1. You can’t go wrong with a Murciélago. Who doesn't love a Murci?! So, my number one choice is this beautiful book by Thillainathan Pathmanathan. It exudes taste and will look great in your office, on the coffee table in your living room or in your garage. Bonus points if you manage to find a matching diecast Murci to go with the book. It’s inexpensive but will have a lasting impact, I promise you.

2. Going to a more pricier territory, now, the next must-have book is “Driving Ambition : The Official Inside Story of the McLaren F1”. Another book you can’t go wrong with and any true car enthusiast will appreciate and cherish forever. There are even signed copies available by Gordon Murray / Ron Dennis.

3. If they follow YouTube car channels, they most definitely follow VINwiki. I highly recommend Ed’s book “FOR THE RECORD: 28:50 A journey toward self-discovery and the Cannonball Run Record”, which is a bold autobiographical statement.

* You can easily find other books worthy of owning and reading, but to me these 3 stood out the most.

Now, to the accessories:

4. And by that I mean driving gloves. Of course you can go hard-core and buy a whole racing suit and a helmet, but you can also start by adding little pieces that make the everyday journey worthwhile.

I use driving gloves every day. They’re functional and stylish / effortlessly cool and will elevate their look at gas stations. Depending on your budget, there are plenty of options. Here are some I personally find worthy of consideration from Hestra and Dents:

+ For the sporty car enthusiasts out there, you can’t go wrong with gloves from Sparco and OMP. (I also own a pair of Sparco gloves)

5. Vehicle registration wallet. Not the most obvious choice for a gift, but some brands have pretty nice offerings like this one from AMG, which is made from carbon leather. Especially if your person recently bought a new car, this is your way to show you care and you want to add a touch of style and functionality in the glovebox.

6. Another cool option is a leather key tray. Especially for those with car collections. You can again find the one based on your budget, but I recommend going for a higher quality leather and if possible - go for the engraving option.

7. If “budget” doesn't exist in your dictionary - you’re safe with a duffel bag. Most car manufacturers offer leather goods collections, but Lamborghini have some of the best out there, in case your person has a Lambo. The good thing about a duffel bag is that it’s big enough to fit your clothes for a short getaway, but small enough to fit in every supercar. Say no more.

I’ll end the list with some functionality:

8. Pressure washer. Nothing feels better than seeing your car clean. Now imagine that you don’t have to drive to a car wash to achieve this. Plenty of options, but go for the ones with higher bars.

9. Exterior and interior detailing kits. Literally every car person will love this gift and will immediately make a use of it.

10. Indoor / Outdoor car cover. No matter whether they have a 10-car collection or just one car, this is a gift every car enthusiast will appreciate. You can go for brands with custom fits and / or for bespoke design (if money is no object), the choice is yours. If you know that they keep their car outdoors, go for the cover that offers protection from all types of weather conditions like hailstorm.

These are my top gift ideas, I hope you found something for the car enthusiast in your life. In case you can't decide - you can always get away with some cash for car parts! 😅




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