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What a week!

It’s been a very exciting week for the automotive world. The new Koenigsegg. The new Bugatti. Ford announced when the 7th gen Mustang will be unveiled. McLaren debuted the Solus GT at Monterey Car Week.

But the cake goes to… A McLaren F1 sold at the Sotheby’s auction in Monterey this weekend. Chassis number 059 with a VIN: SA9AB5AC1V1048059, the winning bid is still a mystery. I kept refreshing Sotheby's website and stalked people who went to the auction in case they share something, but without any luck. It’s not every day a McLaren F1 gets to see a daylight, and it's even rarer when they go for sale. It’s just that curiosity I believe is very common when it comes to unicorns. I’m sure whoever can afford 20M for a car will take a good care of it, I’m not worried about that bit. It’s more like, if you care about cars, you most definitely appreciate and love the F1. All of this kind of makes you feel involved. Or it’s just me. Nevertheless, I’ll keep you updated if any of my sources shares info about the bid. I recently started following auctions. And what a time to start this nerve-wracking hobby. Basically the exotic cars market crash is here. Yesterday I watched a Murci LP640 sell for 150k USD. Two weeks ago - an SLR (not the best spec) sold for 200k USD. I feel bad for anyone forced to sell in these conditions. I mean you have to be forced, right? I don’t see why would you see it fit to sell a car you have been holding for let’s say a decade in the worst market conditions for the past 50 years. It’s shocking. I do feel bad for them, if the reason is lack of cash to sustain a lifestyle. Could be a panic sell domino chain reaction. Whatever you want to call it, I call it madness. And Bugatti is like “Here’s our new 5M Bugatti” while you watch automotive legends sell for pennies. Another reason why I’m curious to find out how the McLaren F1 bidding war went on. You’ll likely never get better deals on exotics you can get now. If you’re the one buying and not selling right now - I can only congratulate you. The cars I’m currently interested in are the Diablo and the Viper. V12 Lambos and their owners are my weakness. Took me some time to figure out my type, turned out it’s Lambo guys. I can’t explain it. It’s probably their dedication - they buy a 16-year-old V12 Lamborghini and then invest some 40k just to take it to modern standards. I read an article about a guy who bought a Murci for 400k back in the day and throughout the years he spent over 600k for the upkeep. That’s what I’m talking about. But this is coming from a girl who’s dating a Murci guy. 😌

Unfortunately, the Paris Hilton’s SLR is still at the shop. There’s no new development really, but the reason for the delay is the supply shortages. It’s sitting there waiting for the parts. I figured something out today though. Ed Bolian drove it only for 500-something miles, which is 800 km. I suspect the dash lit like a Christmas tree and he got scared of the repair bills immediately and decided to sell it. I can only speculate, but this SLR rides better than any other I have had the chance to sit in and drive. Once it gets fixed it’ll be unstoppable. It did 315 km/h just before it broke down.



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