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theSLRgirl and @MURCI_daily

The most talented and masterful driver I know will document what’s like to daily drive a Murciélago LP640.

I literally learned how to drive on his first car (a top-line AMG) and he let me drive it without a supervision from him. This sort of level of trust we’re talking about : Absolute legend. Memories and friendships like these last forever.

My superlatives about him can rain all day and night, but his achievements speak louder than my words.

He’s daily driving a V12 Lambo, the Batman Lambo, and not just on the weekends. If you haven't seen a Murci with winter tires - his profile will be the place to do so. His LP640 is on every car spotting page and is gaining popularity in Bulgaria. The car is a star already. Just follow him, because his content will not be something you want to miss out on, if you care about supercars and exotic cars. He’ll get into technical details, because he knows what he’s talking about, while documenting what's like to live with one of the greatest cars ever built. His passion for exotic cars is contagious and who doesn’t love a V12 Lambo?! If you're like me and have a thing for Murci guys, you know what to do!

You can expect to see the Murci and the SLR together on this blog in the future. The poster cars of our childhood.




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