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The SLR Tour - Celebrating 20 years of Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

The SLR turns 20 this year. And what better way to celebrate than driving it?!

The sole purpose of this tour is to enjoy the car. Yes, we’ll take some good photos and videos, but nothing can beat the feeling of driving it through Europe.

Besides Monaco - 25.08-28.08 - we'll be stopping at: Zagreb - 23.08 Venice - 24.08 Milan - 29.08 I’m open for collaborations. Feel free to contact me on here. theSLRgirl is now on Instagram, feel free to DM as well. (Zagreb is fully booked already, thank you all for the interest!)

I’m also hopeful that this tour will become an annual event, joined by other SLR owners from and around Bulgaria. The SLR Club organizes similar events frequently, but unfortunately they’re mostly in and around Germany. They’re spectacular and in the same spirit, I believe we can organize annual SLR meetups and trips, where we can share the joys and thrills of owning and driving this marvelous automobile.

Another reason why we need to take the SLRs out now is its price appreciation. The SLR is steadily heading towards the 1 million + price tag club. I’m saying this with confidence, so feel free to quote me on this. As soon as it reaches that price, we’ll barely see them out, unfortunately. Now is the time, today! Enjoy your SLR the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

P.S.: We’ll be covering 500km on average almost every day, so, please, be mindful of that when you meet us. 😅 We’re doing this for the SLR, there is no financial or personal gain from this tour. We just want to prove that the SLR is still one of the greatest to be ever built.




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