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The importance of the good company

Happy Easter! Religious or not, holidays are always a good reason to spend time with your family and your favourite people. I’m going to use the opportunity to remind you that the people, you surround yourself with, are the reflection of your ambitions and character. Choose wisely! We have a limited time on this planet, don’t waste it.

I’m always in a high-quality company, it wouldn't be me otherwise. The LP640 is a high-class, imposing brute and a natural companion for the SLR. Just look at them, they make sense together! Picture perfect. I can look at them forever. Two of the best looking cars ever built, objectively.

Lamborghini has always been close to my heart. They truly created the synonym of the supercar. Any V12 Lamborghini is something worth dreaming about. It’s one of those things that you identify with success immediately. It oozes “I’ve made it” in a in your face, anti-social way and has the sex appeal and the presence only a Lambo can have. It’s instantly recognisable. I bet most people just say: “Look, a Lambo”, when they see one and never even try to say the actual model. A Lambo is a Lambo. I love it and I know you love it, too! What we have here, this is entirely my option, is the best Lamborghini of them all. The Murciélago LP640 ends an era for Lamborghini and not only. I assume we all know that Audi owns Lamborghini and Audi is owned by VW Group. There is no way such huge titan, that the VW group is, won’t influence the future of Lamborghini, for the better or worse. We all have seen the Urus, right? There’s no place for an overpriced and rebadged Audi SUV in the Lamborghini lineup, but this is also my personal opinion. I’m okay with the entry-level Lambo in the face of the V10 option, though. It’s fun and it offers a taste of the dream, in which we all picture it with the scissor doors. The Murciélago came out in 2001, it’s the direct successor to the Diablo. It’s the first car for the Italian company under the Audi ownership. The designer is Luc Donckerwolke, who made the Italians proud. It’s so perfect that there's no need for “design over function”. It’s a reminder that the good design doesn't need to justify itself. Everything on it is there, because it has to be there - it’s even asymmetric. It’s the most Lamborghini car ever. Some of you will try to correct me by saying it’s the Countach, but to me the design of the Countach was too influenced by the times it was designed for. It’s a 70s and 80s icon, which truly represents those times in the most opulent way possible. The Murcie on the other hand looks like a supercar, feels like a supercar and more importantly - screams “Lamborghini” from every angle you look at it.

On the inside - still very much opulent. I love cars with red interior and this one is a thing of beauty. It’s also surprisingly comfortable for a supercar. The seats are cushioned, which makes the long-distance rides a pure joy. It’s also quite spacious and the getting in and out was more graceful compared to other supercars. We did 300+ km in the Murcie for one day and we didn’t feel them at all at the end of the day. I have to admit - this is not the case with the SLR. I begin to understand why some people drive them daily. The ground clearance may seem impossible for the city drive, but if you can live with a few scrapes (which are inevitable), I guarantee you’ll have some of the best experiences in a car, ever.

Speaking of scrapes, the only letdown is the paint. It’s such a low-quality paint that it chips off on its own. The paint is the reason why some of the most popular Murcies are also wrapped or repainted. It’s something you either have to live with, or prepare for the repaint or wrapping costs. But it’s all worth it. People usually put the SLR against Carrera GT or Enzo, but to me it makes sense next to the Murciélago LP640. I believe one of the few instances, where they went together, was on Top Gear - they raced and the SLR won, but in the real world that’s semantics. Both cars are worth dreaming about and a good reason to chase your dreams.




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