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Spring Update : Merch Launch and a Rally participation

I have been away for some good reasons.

The first one: I'll be launching theSLRgirl merch next month! This is my very first merch launch. I have an experience with designing clothes for brands and also under my own name in the past, but this is different. And I'm super excited. Thanks for reading my content and making it possible!

100% of the profits will be donated. The profits from theSLRgirl items will be donated to animal shelters under the form of food, medical bills, cash, etc. The profits from theSLRrottie items will be donated to the National Rottweiler Club.

West Trofei is doing great, she grows with 1kg each week. Slowly turning into the strong Rottweiler she's meant to become. We'll be starting her training next week, she's finally out of quarantine and ready to explore the world.

The second one: I'll participate in the European version of GoldRush Rally with a Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 and my boyfriend. It'll take place in June and will last 5 days, including a track day in Istanbul Park (the former Formula 1 track). Huge ongoing preparation for this one as well. It's the largest supercar rally in Europe with international participants from around the globe. There will be camera crews, but we're taking our own cameras and GoPros to show you the emotions afterwards. Hyped! I'll be providing further information about the rally, the car and whether we're going to drive through your city and do a meet and greet!

The third one is still a secret, but I can't wait to share it with you in the future.

Proper SLR content is coming in a few days!




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