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Route 66 - answering some questions pt1

Can I apply to sponsor you?

Yes. You can now contact me, if you want your logo/brand on the SLR. I believe this trip will gain a lot of exposure, so feel free to send me an email and we can discuss from there! or DM me on IG

Do you only want to work with brands associated with the automotive industry?

No. As long as I personally like the brand and have had a positive experience with the said brand in the past, we can work together no matter the industry. 

Who is going to shoot the content during the trip?

I’ll hire professional photographer and videographer with an experience in shooting cars. I’ll also be taking photos myself, but I admit that sometimes I wish I hired someone to do it for me. So, this time I’ll do just that. 

Are you looking for a financial support?

I’m looking for any type of support. This is a huge project, a huge side quest haha. 

Shipping an exotic car with such pop cultural significance to the other side of the globe is serious.

I still remember how nerve-racking it was to ship it from Ed to Bulgaria. I imagine we’ll go through this 2 more times. 

The execution has to be perfect. I can’t afford any mistakes and this is the reason for the rather long planning process. I don’t want to rush this one, because it involves a lot of logistics behind it. 

But yes, generally open to any type of support, including motel recommendations along the route.

Are you planning on staying in the USA?

No, I’m currently based in Bulgaria and so is the SLR.  When we're done with the trip, we'll go back to Bulgaria with the SLR.

Are you open to selling it while you’re in the USA?

Hmm. Every exotic car owner is open to selling at any moment. So, yes, I am. But I want this SLR to go to someone who will absolutely appreciate it by driving it and will contribute to the story of the car. I don’t want it to be yet another garage queen or a museum piece. So, you have to impress me to consider selling it to you. The offer also has to match the cultural significance of the car. No lowballing, please!

I’m a photographer. Can I join you and take photos of the SLR?

Yes, of course! Feel free to contact me at any point, if you want to schedule a photoshoot. I’ve met so many cool people because of this car. Can’t wait to meet you! 

You mentioned you'll do only 4000km. This means this is a one-way trip?

Yes, this will be a one-way road trip - from Chicago to Santa Monica. Once we reach the end of the route in Santa Monica, we'll stay in the area for a few days and then we'll start the shipment process. We won't leave until we make sure the SLR is safely on its way to Bulgaria. It makes sense. But the one-way road trip will likely take 3 weeks.




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