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Revuelto : the latest bull will show no mercy

I’m a die-hard Lamborghini V12 fan. Did I die with the Aventador? No. Was I a little sceptical about the newest V12 hybrid Lambo? Yes. Lamborghini is a V.A.G. brand and reasonably you can feel a little anxious before a release. Especially when we’re talking about the release of the poster car for the next decade. The car that will make kids and adults dream, that’s a big deal. You can’t afford to mess it up! What are we going to dream about, if Lambo mess this up?! Spoiler: They didn’t.

He is a stunner! With equally stunning name - Revuelto. Revuelto confidently and proudly shows a clear direction for Lamborghini and the future of supercars. Standing on the shoulders of its iconic predecessors, Lamborghini again demonstrated that when it comes to design, nothing is as impactful as the evolutionary design. You can recognise bits from the Murci, the Reventon, the Aventador, even the Countach and the beating heart is still an unapologetic naturally aspirated V12. It’s almost as if the Revuelto is paying a tribute to Lamborghini itself.

I also recognise similarities with the 720S. To me, the 720S is the perfect depiction of the modern supercar. It is the best modern supercar on the market, no questions about it. So, to recognise it within the Revuelto, it can only mean one thing. Lamborghini are here to show no mercy in all departments. Looks, performance, aero, weight distribution … you name it - the Revuelto has it all.

The only thing I hope they'll fix with this generation is the exclusivity. The Aventador wasn't exclusive and this will likely affect its appreciation by the exotic car community. This makes me curious about what’s next for the Aventador. The Murci is still the preferred choice for the enthusiasts. Are there going to be price fluctuations? Considering we live in consumerist times, it’s likely some Aventador owners will treat it like an iPhone. Let’s see.

So, what makes the Revuelto better than any other Lamborghini.

For the first time ever a Lamborghini gets a central carbon fibre monocoque. It also extends all the way to the front end, creating monofuselage for aerodynamics. “This new solution maximizes weight reduction (-9 kg vs. the Aventador front frame), tensional stiffness (> 40.000 NM/°), and strength to protect the vehicle and its occupants in case of accident.”

The engine - probably the most anticipated engine for the past few years. Why? Because not that many V12 engines get to be updated. It’s still a V12, but now it comes with 3 electric motors. The engine has been rotated in 180° degrees to create a seamless connection with the electric motors. Two of them can be found on the front e-Axle and the third one is behind the engine. The engine also comes with a whole new intake system, combustion system, oil and water system, improved valve train. This also means a 35kg weight reduction. It produces 825 PS and a maximum speed of over 350km/h.

Driving modes - thanks to the new electric motors, the Revuelto comes with 13 driving modes. This means you can now drive your V12 Lamborghini absolutely quietly in Cità mode. Or you can get the full high-performance track experience in Corsa. It’s up to you. I would never drive it in Cità, let’s face it. There’s a Nissan Leaf, if you want to go unnoticed. But let’s say they try to appeal to a new target with this offering.

The aero - a whole new look with 4 defined pillars. It comes with improved downforce and better brake cooling.

The technical specifications are as follows:

Internal combustion engine - V12 NA 6,5l

Max power @ rpm (ICE) 825 CV @ 9250 rpm

Max power (combined ICE+EE) 1015 CV

Max torque @ rpm (ICE) 725 Nm @ 6750 rpm

Battery - Lithium-ion high specific power battery with pouch cells

Generator - Rear P2-P3 eMotor (110kW @10000rpm)

Electric engines - Front e-axle (220kW @3500rpm)

Top speed - >350 km/h

Acceleration - 0-100 KM/H 2.5 s

Damn, Lamborghini. You did it again!

You created a marvellous masterpiece in times of uncertainty and change of direction for the automotive industry. You stuck to your DNA as a reference, while looking into the future. It’s hard to achieve the middle ground and be the best of both worlds. The Revuelto is not a people pleaser in any way, but it offers a glimpse of what the future might look like. And I don’t mind it. In fact, I love it.




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