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Meet WEST TROFEI - the SLR rottie

She goes wherever I go!

I’ve always been up to the challenge of owning a big dog. I grew up with a small dog and the size made sense, because we were living in an apartment building. Now, I can finally offer the big dog of my dreams the space it needs - I live in a house with a yard. Being sensible about what the dog will need is the place where every potential dog owner should start from. Your goal should be the dog’s wellbeing, no place for selfishness. “I got a dog, because I wanted a dog” is not a reason to get one. Just go and pet your friend’s dog or take it out for a walk. Dog ownership is a commitment. If you do your job the right way, it’s also incredibly rewarding.

So, why a Rottweiler? Because it’s best, most versatile and intelligent breed. It’s one of the ancient breeds and represents how a dog should look and behave like. Initially, the choice was between the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler. The Rottweiler matches my personality and lifestyle completely. Every time I saw a Rottie on the street, I felt that this is my dog. This is the dog I want to live with. I fell in love with the breed and its qualities over time. I understand that the image of the breed suffered a great deal in the past few decades. Irresponsible breeders and owners should take the blame, not the breed. To be honest, while I was searching for a reputable breeder, I saw more irresponsible ones. And the profile of the people interested in getting a “guard dog” matches the bad rep of the breed. Pretty much a misunderstanding of what a Rottweiler stands for. I also understand that my choice will be judged by the people who have never met a Rottweiler and base their opinions on sensationalism. (The dog leading the attacks chart is the Golden Retriever, because it’s most widely bred. But it’s always more scary to write about an attacking Rottweiler than an agreeable and likeable Golden Retriever. You know - "journalism").

It turned out it’s quite difficult to buy a purebred Rottweiler from a reputable breeder. Once they announce the litter, you have to be quick to secure a puppy. I went to an interview, because they’re also selective about where their puppies will go to. Luckily, I was selected. West Trofei comes from the same breeder, who brought the first two purebred Rottweilers to Bulgaria back in 1988. Their dogs are nationally and internationally recognised and have won and continue to win hundreds of titles throughout the years. West Trofei and I joined the National Rottweiler Club, the focus of which is to improve the image of the breed, while maintaining the high standards for a dog to be called a “Rottweiler”. Let’s be clear about one thing, though - this a serious, intense and powerful dog. The training is a must, if you want a happy, content and balanced Rottie. You have to be able to afford it physically, financially and mentally. It’s not a breed for everyone. Just because I have one, doesn't mean you should go out and buy one. If anything, it took me years to get to a point where I’m capable of taking care of a Rottweiler. Every dog is a commitment, but raising a balanced Rottweiler truly is a reflection of your worth, because they can as easily be used as powerful weapons. That’s why she’s called West Trofei (BG phonetic : “Трофей”) - meaning “Trophy” - evidence of merit.

Her world-class pedigree

She’ll be a permanent fixture in this blog from now on. So, say HI to West Trofei!




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