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I celebrated my birthday while Paris Hilton’s SLR was at the shop

First things first - another day, another milestone!

Here are some experiences and lessons from the 20s you didn't ask for. Nothing should be certain in your 20s. I might get a little controversial for saying this, but don’t get married or have kids in your 20s. Most people I know who took these two certain steps, are either divorced or are single mothers, or both. We, as humans, used to give birth early, because we had a shorter lifespan. With modern medicine, we can casually take it up to 80-90 years on average. So what's with the rush? The 20s are for experimenting and taking risks. I also feel like these are important milestones, for which for you to get there, you need a little more experience. So, don’t do certain things in your 20s. My best advise is to move out and live on your own as early as possible. I did that when I was 18. The freedom this can give you is unmatched. The freedom to explore yourself, all the things you’re passionate about, your values and beliefs, where you stand. Not to mention the independence you’ll acquire. Once you get there, you’ll take no BS from no one. That’s some real power. Your time and worth will become your number one priority and you’ll attract people from the same caliber. And without even realising, you’ll surround yourself with people who value the same things as you and they’ll turn out to be some of the best business contacts. In your 20s you should be changing countries and continents. Again - gaining invaluable experiences. Go out there and find your thing you care about. Change as many jobs as you can in as many fields as you want to. Higher education is a scam. Only a few disciplines offer a proper learning experience - the practical ones like medicine, design, architecture. The ones you actually need someone to show you how to do things with your hands and give you feedback afterwards, which you should always take with a grain of salt. Anything else is just a waste of time and money. The most successful people I know have a high-school diploma. So, don’t commit to higher education just because that’s the norm, because it’ll waste 7 years of your life, in which you won’t gain any real-life experiences. Have high tolerance for new knowledge and low to 0 tolerance for BS. The people you surround yourself with in your 20s will influence how you’ll spend the rest of your life. You make the calls.

So, yes, Paris Hilton’s SLR is at the shop. I was planning a proper birthday photoshoot with West (my rottweiler) and the SLR, but, well, next time hopefully. If you follow VINwiki or Tyler Hoover, you probably watched the video, in which Ed Bolian explains the long list of repairs needed in order to get the car sorted. The current problem is related to almost everything on that list and can be solved with a $1000 repair. More about it in the next post where I’ll go in full detail about it and what this repair fixes.

You probably remember West as a 2-month-old puppy. She's a 24kg striking puppy now. Her first dog show is next month and I'm working with a professional trainer for her ring debut. She's also starting her security/guard dog training very soon, which will last a year and a half! It'll include close and long range attack, attack from the passenger seat, recognition and neutralisation of bladed arms and firearms, etc.. Once I'm done with West's personal security training, I'll get a second Rottweiler (you can tell I love this breed), which will go through the same training and will also be trained to be on my right side. West is training to be on my left side. Surrounded by rotties!




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